There are many different ways to get around Bali and some will suit you more than others depending on the situation or the distance you have to cover.  Taxi, Uber, Go-Jek, Kura Kura, motorbike, car rental – There are many different options you can consider. And it is quite important to choose wisely because transports can really affect your experience in Bali. To help you travel easily and safely around Bali, here is a quick guide on local transports.


If you decide to use a taxi service in Bali, I strongly recommend using the Blue Bird Taxis. They are easily recognizable because they are blue sky and the logo is a blue bird. They are the only ones that use an actual meter.If you decide to use a taxi service in Bali, I strongly recommend using the Blue Bird Taxis. They are easily recognizable because they are blue sky and the logo is a blue bird. They are the only ones that use an actual meter.

More information on the Blue Bird Taxis here:

Many other taxi companies have become notorious for offering higher prices, having tampered meters, or taking longer route.
Be careful also to the taxis that pretend to be Blue Birds Taxis! They are the same color but without the bird logo.

Cost: Start at 5,000 IDR, then 2,500 IDR / km (around 20 cents in USD)

You can also use taxi companies that do not use meter, but give you a fixed outrages price. Taxi rides within Seminyak, Kuta, Canggu should be about 100k IDR or below. To go to places like Nusa Dua or Jimbaran you it should be a bit less than 200k IDR. For Uluwatu area you should be charged around 300k IDR.

Pros: Easiest way to get picked up and to cover short distance in the South of Bali.

Cons: You may have to bargain to get a fair price.

Here is a list of the different taxi companies in Bali:

• Bluebird/Bali Taxi: +62 361 728200

• Gelora Dewata PT: +62 361 241444

• Koperasi Taksi Kowinu Bali: +62 361 771661

• Koperasi Taksi Ngurah Rai: +62 361 724725

• Pan Wirthi Taxi PT: +62 361- 723 366

• Rajawali Taxi: +62 361 484537

• Ramayana Taxi: +62 361 765303

Example of Blue Bird Taxi

Car Rental

If you are traveling with a small group you can rent a car to travel around Bali. However, I personally think that it is not the best way to do a Bali tour. If you’re not used to drive a right-hand-drive car, you should consider another option. You can for example get a car with a driver or a Taxi that will drive you around. It won’t be much more expensive than renting a car.

Cost: Daily rates start at around $20 for a small car to about $60 for a large van; gas is not included.

Pros: Allows you to be very autonomous and independent.

Cons: A bit expensive option. Can be stressful if you are not used to drive on the left side of the road.

Car Hire (with driver)

In my opinion, a way better option than renting a car without a driver. Local drivers knows the best ways to get around Bali and will probably make you save some precious time. They are usually very nice and accommodating.

Cost: It usually ranges between 500k to 700k / day with car, fuel, driver for about 8-10 hours. If you want to go over, just give a little 50-100k extra to the driver.

Pros: Very convenient. You can use the driver knowledge to save some time or go to “secret” spots.

Cons: You rely a lot on the driver.

Typical Rental Car in Bali

Typical Rental Car in Bali

Uber, Grab-Car, and Go-Jek.

Uber in Bali works the same way as it works in other countries. Although here the driver may ask you for a higher rate than what was originally calculated by the Uber app. However, this rate may still be lower than what a regular Taxi could ask, as Uber are usually quite cheap. Grab-Car is basically the local version of Uber. You can download the app for free on App Store or Play Store. Go Jek is basically the motorbike version of Uber. Like Uber, it uses a ratings system for all trips and calculates prices automatically and very fairly. The driver will provide a helmet and a raincoat in case of rain. You can download the app for free on App Store or Play Store. Be careful: There are some areas where Uber, Grab, or Go-Jek won’t accept to pick you up because the local taxi companies won’t allow it. Drop off is ok, pick up is not.

Pros: Cheaper than Taxis

Cons: Limited areas for pick up. Driver may not speak very good English.

Ride Sharing (Gojek, Grabber, Uber) Apps

Ride Sharing (Gojek, Grabber, Uber) Apps

Posters banning ride sharing in Bali (found in select areas)

Posters banning ride sharing in Bali (found in select areas)

Motorbike Rental

Like everywhere else, you need a driving license to rent a bike in Bali. Although there are some motorbike rentals that doesn’t ask for it. In case you get arrested by the police, you should always carry the international driving license with you. They will ask for it, and if you don’t have it you will have to pay them. The main advantage of visiting Bali by motorbike is that it is the fastest way to go from a point to another. The traffic in Bali can get quite chaotic and nerve wrecking. With a motorbike, you can drive past the cars that sometimes can stay stuck for hours in traffic. Sightseeing Bali by motorbike also makes you really feel and enjoy the Bali atmosphere: The wind in the rice fields, the smell of incents in the morning, or the sound of Balinese traditional music.  However, if you are not used to drive a motorbike at home, driving one here in Bali can be both scary and dangerous. Especially if you are not used to drive on the left side of the road. I personally don’t recommend renting a motorbike if you are not already an expert driver.

Cost: Can vary between 40,000 IDR and 80,000 IDR per day for a basic motorbike.

Pros: Fastest, and most convenient way to get around Bali.

Cons: Dangerous

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Kura Kura Bus

Kura Kura buses are the easiest option for public transportation, but this is definitely not the fastest way to get around Bali. They stop along many of the most popular tourist areas but don’t really cover the North part of the island.

Kura Kura buses are pretty comfortable and equipped with air conditioning, power points for charging your devices, and (very slow) wifi. Cost: Tickets range from 20,000 IDR to 80,000 IDR. You will be able to buy them directly on the bus. They also offer multiple day passes. You can purchase these online or at various ticketing locations. For more information:

Pros: Comfortable and cheap.

Cons: Slow (its called kura kura aka tortoise for a reason :P)

Example of Kura-Kura Bus

Example of Kura-Kura Bus

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