Bali’s Climate

Located south of the equator, Bali only have two seasons: dry season, and wet season. The tropical climate is ideal to go on holidays at any time of the year and fully enjoy the Island of God.

The wet season

The wet season starts at the end of October/ beginning of November, and ends around end of April / beginning of May. During that time, temperatures vary between 24°C and 34°C. The wet season is less touristy than the dry season so the atmosphere is more peaceful and relaxed. It is also easier to visit Bali by motorbike as the traffic is less congested. The humidity is at its highest point and the weather can quickly switch from heavy rainstorms to electric blue sky. Most people prefer coming to Bali during dry season, as the chances to get soaked are way lower, and going to the beach is definitely nicer. Indeed Bali’s beaches, especially in the south, can get a little polluted during wet season as strong currents bring trash from the rivers onto the shore.

The dry season

Bali’s dry season occurs between the months of May and the end of October. But again, it can change from a year to another. The dry season is the busiest time of year for tourism, especially July and August as the humidity is low and the rainfall rare. It is also the time where most surfers come to Bali because the swell gets bigger during those two months.


What to pack?

Even if there are two very distinguished seasons, you can basically wear the same type of clothes during the whole year as the temperatures only vary between 22°C and 34°C.

Just to be clear, I am not going to tell you exactly what to pack for sightseeing in Bali as I think it is really up to you! I am just going to give you a couple of general advices that I think are important.

1. Pack light

If I had to give you one packing advice when coming to Bali, it would be to pack light! While sightseeing in Bali, you really don’t want to carry big and heavy luggage all around the island, especially if you are on a tight schedule and moving places quite often, or if you are visiting Bali by motorbike. Worst case scenario, if you forgot to bring your swim wear, or your jacket, you can easily buy one here in Bali. There is basically everything you need in term of clothes. If you come during wet season, I would recommend to buy a raincoat or poncho once you are in Bali. Indeed they are designed to protect you entirely, it is important especially if you are visiting Bali by motorbike. They are also very cheap (around $6 USD).

PS – Check out the following travel hacks article for some money and space saving tips:

2. Bring medication

I know I just said that you had to pack light, but you should definitely bring medication, especially if you are following a specific treatment. In Bali you will be able to find basic medication such as painkiller or disinfectant, but if you need something specific it can get quite complicated. If you are wearing contact lenses, you should also bring extras. They are easy to lose while riding a motorbike, or if you are doing many water activities like surfing or scuba-diving. Contact lenses are definitely not easy to find here in Bali.

3. Bring a snorkeling mask

If you still have some space in your suitcase, you should definitely bring a snorkeling mask. My personal favorite is the full face snorkeling mask as it allows you to breathe normally under water. Bali counts many beautiful snorkeling spots but you cannot rent equipment everywhere. And even when you can, the quality of the mask is often quite bad. In many places I heard people complaining about water coming into their mask.

4. Keep some empty space in your suitcase

In case you want to buy souvenirs or presents for friends and family, it is always good to have a bit of extra space in your suitcase. You don’t want to get charge with extra luggage! But most importantly, remember that whatever the season, Bali always provides wonderful holidays. The sun is mostly always out, even during wet season, and even if it is raining, it is not for too long, and there is always something great to do in Bali!

Take the time to plan what to pack and what to visit, evaluate the pros and cons of each season and make Bali’s weather work for you!

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  • Adam

    Hi Agnes! For anyone who read your article certainly they were happy because they certainly greatly helped with the tips and information you share, this amazing and thanks for you

  • Adam

    Hi Agnes! For anyone who read your article certainly they were happy because they certainly greatly helped with the tips and information you share, this amazing and thanks for you

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