If you ask people why they want to visit Bali, most of them will answer: “Because beaches are beautiful!”
There is no doubt about that, the Island Of Gods counts numerous stunning beaches.

But some who have visited Bali could tell you that the beaches are spoilt and too touristy. Indeed, with such legendary beauty, the most popular beaches can get a little bit crowded and noisy during high season.

That being said, let me tell you a secret: Bali is still incredibly beautiful if you know where to go.
Let me share with you my 5 favorite hidden beaches. These beaches are a must visit if you are sightseeing in Bali.

1. Gunung Payung Beach

Gunung Payung Beach, or Pantai Gunung Payung, is located on Bali’s southern coast, just an hour drive away from Denpasar.

The beach takes its name from a Hindu temple located high up on the cliff that you can visit before heading down to the beach. The view from the cliff is absolutely breathtaking as you can watch the waves crashing onto the reef.

Reaching Gunung Payung beach can be quite an effort as you have to go down 300 stairs, but it totally worth it.

The white sand beach is clean, very peaceful and perfect for trying out some yoga or meditation. You can also do snorkeling in the calm waters protected by the reef. Or if you are an advanced surfer, you can paddle out at high tide to reach the reef break. After the effort, you can also chill on the beach and watch the seaweed farmers.

GunungPayungBeach copy

2. Nyang Nyang Beach

Nyang Nyang is definitely one of my favorite Bali sightseeing day tour destination.

If you want to escape Uluwatu crowd without riding a motorbike for hours, Nyang Nyang is the perfect destination.

After riding south from Uluwatu (or Blue point beach), you will pass the entrance of Uluwatu temple. Then, take the first road on your right and go into this narrow path (forget about going there by car) that will bring you all the way down to Nyang Nyang.

Nyang Nyang is one of the highest cliff in Bali. From there, the view of the Indian Ocean is absolutely incredible. Watching the massive waves crash onto the reef whilst facing the endless white sand beaches is a show that you will never forget.

For the brave, a direct walk down the cliff is possible but risky if you are with children as it is quite steep.


3. Green Bowl

Green Bowl earned it name from its green seaweed covered rocks that can be seen at low tide.

This beautiful beach would have become the next big tourist destination. But the demolishment of nearby Bali Cliff Resort left the beach as an abandoned paradise.

Green Bowl is located at the extreme South of Bali.

This unique location provides Green Bowl a maximum exposure to big and powerful waves coming from the Indian Ocean. It is not an ideal spot to swim but it is a perfect viewpoint for those who like reading on the beach while looking at the few surfers paddling out.

This very wild beach is only 30 minutes from NusaDua or Uluwatu. If you are coming from Kuta, it’s also 30 minutes once you reach Pecatu, a small town on the way to the Bukit.

Like many beaches in the south of Bali, you will have to walk down the cliff to enjoy the beautiful white sand beach. Don’t forget to bring drinks and food as there are no warungs down the cliff!

Greenbowl-Beach3 copy

4. Yeh Gangga

Yeh Gangga beach is located 12 km west of Tanah Lot.

If you are visiting Bali by motorbike, it takes approximately 45 minutes from Canggu to get to Yeh Gangga.

Yeh Gangga is a typical Balinese beach with black volcanic sand that offers a great sunset view.

It is mostly busy with local people surfing, playing soccer, or fishing, but you can also do horse riding or motorbike tour on the beach.

Mid to high tide is the best time to surf there. If you want to swim, you have to be careful because the current can be quite strong there.

YehGanggaBeach copy

5. Thomas Beach

Hidden beaches in Bali are usually quite remote but Thomas Beach is the exception as it is located between two of the most famous beaches of Bali: Padang Padang and Uluwatu.

The best way to access the beach is through Thomas Homestay, a lovely little hostel on the cliff, and go down the stairs from there. If you can, you should definitely take some time to eat something at Thomas Homestay, because the view is incredible, and the food cheap.

Visitors are usually there to tan and swim in the turquoise water. It is very safe to swim there as there is almost no waves. You can also walk along the beach on the fine white sand toward Padang Padang. It is absolutely stunning! If you don’t believe me, check out the photos I took of this hidden gem while enjoying lunch at Thomas homestay.




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